BSA52-E Spindle locking bases for DD52R-E Zinc alloy


Main specifications


Die-cast zinc alloy bases for spindle locking, epoxy resin coating, black colour, matte finish.
GN 302 adjustable handle with die-cast zinc alloy lever body and AISI 304 stainless steel clamping element.

General information

Features and applications

BSA52-E locking bases allow an easy and quick locking of the spindles after their positioning. Ø 6.1 mm hole to fit the referring pin of the indicator. Handle positioned either on the right or on the left. Fitting to the machine by means of two cylindrical-head screws (not included in the supply).
Spindle locking bases for DD52R-E Zinc alloy BSA52-E
Code Description dH7
CE.99091 BSA52-E-12 12
CE.99093 BSA52-E-14 14
CE.99094 BSA52-E-15 15
CE.99095 BSA52-E-16 16
CE.99099 BSA52-E-20 20